Baue was born when founder, Anna Popovich,  discovered the Bower bird. Gathering leaves, petals and rubbish from the forest floor, the Bower bird expresses its creativity by using what is already there. 

Reusing and treading lightly is at the heart of the Baue design process. Our anti-waste approach extends to every choice we make whether that regards materials, natural resources or life itself. 


By using mostly unwanted and existing fabrics,  we keep our environmental footprint light. We are rescuing quality fabrics from landfill and reducing the amount of new fibres being processed to produce new materials. When we do use new fabrics, they are always responsibly sourced. We currently only buy from The Organic Textile Company


We make everything in house in our studio in Bethnal Green, London or at small factories and workshops also in London which we regularly visit. Anyone who sews a Baue product is paid at least the London living wage, works in comfortable conditions and is treated with respect.

Animal rights

We will never use animal skins, feathers or any type of leather to make Baue products. We do use silk and wool fabrics but only in the form of reclaimed and repurposed fabrics; none of these fibres have been manufactured on our behalf.

Still have questions about our ethics and sustainability? Take a look at our  Frequently Asked Questions where we go into more detail or get in touch.