Frequently Asked Questions

How is Baue an ethical and sustainable brand?

Our mission is for All our products to be completely ethical and completely sustainable. These are words which get used a lot and it can be confusing to know what brands mean by them. 

At Baue we follow the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. There is so much unwanted fabric knocking around that we believe in using this first before we have yet more stuff produced in our name.  A lot of the fabrics we use are not necessarily sustainably made, but they are beautiful, luxurious and, crucially, already exist. We think it’s a shame for them to go to landfill. 

We are  striving to apply this to every single aspect of each product. We use tiny offcuts of material to make our brand labels, cover our buttons using fabric offcuts and we buy  our zips from manufacturers’ excess stock. If we do buy something new we want to know it hasn’t caused any harm at any stage in its manufacturing process. At the moment the only fabric we buy new is bamboo silk from the Organic Textile Company

Where are Baue products made?

Baue’s contemporary womenwear collection is made in London. Some pieces are made in-house at our studio in Bethnal Green.  The rest is made in small workshops nearby. It is really important to us that we can visit these workshops ourselves. This way we can work closely with the machinists to ensure perfect quality and to see for ourselves that working conditions are comfortable and staff are well treated.

Where does Baue get their fabrics from?

Around 90% of our fabrics come from unwanted, landfill destined stocks. Like the Bowerbird we are always on the lookout for lovely things. Like the Wombles, making good use of the things that we find. 

Sometimes we’ll buy directly from London’s most prestigious fashion studios (we’d love to name drop) who are clearing out their store cupboards.  We will also buy from warehouses who buy up unwanted stock in bulk. 

Fabrics end up in these places for various reasons. Typically, a fashion design house will have fabric produced for them by a mill by the roll and they must meet minimums. Often they will end up with some left over which they won’t use again. The reason  being that there isn’t enough to make a full production run or they simply don’t fancy using that textile again. 

Other times fabrics are unwanted.  They come back from the mill the wrong colour or with a fault.  At Baue, with our patchwork cutting technique, we can simply cut around faults. 

What is bamboo silk?

Over to you Organic Textile Company: “Bamboo is grown without chemicals (unlike ordinary cotton which is heavily sprayed.) To convert to yarn it goes through a chemical pulping process. Our bamboo viscose is made in a closed loop system and the yarn is Oeko-tex certified as being free from harmful substances. This is the company that makes most of our woven cloth for us.”

Do your products contain polyester or other plastic fibres?

Well, actually, yes they do. Let us explain. We will never NEVER have polyester or plastic fibres produced for us. Ever. Never. BUT, we strongly believe that since so many of these fabrics already exist we may as well make use of them. It’s that or bury them in the ground where they’ll stay for up to 200 years. 

Production of new fabrics, even many of the ones we call sustainable use huge amounts of water so we think its more sustainable to use what exists already. Sadly these stocks are not running out any time soon even if production on them stopped today.

What sizes do you offer?

Baue currently offer all our designs in small, medium and large. Check out our sizing information.

Why don’t you have everything in stock?

Waste is our enemy and we only want to produce what our customers want. We’re gradually introducing stock of popular items though as we know it can be hard to wait!

How long will it take my dress to arrive?

Unless we have an item in stock we require a maximum of three weeks to make your garment plus delivery time. Some make times are much shorter so do check individual listings. For more information, check our delivery and returns. .

How do I care for my Baue garment?

Great question. Looking after your clothes carefully and making them last is the most sustainable way to enjoy fashion. 

Cleaning. The first question to ask is does it need cleaning? If you’ve worn it once or twice and managed not to spill anything down your front simply congratulate yourself and just hang your garment up to let it air. When  it does need a clean we recommend dry cleaning our products. Try and find a dry cleaner who has eco-friendly credentials if you can. If you’re in London we recommend Blanc Living. 

Mending. If your garment needs mending and you’re not handy with a needle yourself most dry cleaners will offer a mending service. If you prefer you can contact us and we’ll see if we can help. (If its a fault with the garment send it right back and we’ll fix it for you.) 

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How do you pronounce Baue?

Fair question. Its pronounced Bower (if you are English) or the phonetic spelling isˈbaʊə(r) (if you’re clever). 

Baue is inspired by the decorative gathering technique of the Bowerbird. Like the Bowerbird we gather unwanted materials, organise them according to colour. We create our garments from this eclectic mixture of tonal fabrics. 

Here’s David Attenborough and a Bowerbird.


Can you only make one of each design?

No! The way each design is cut means that we can use even the smallest pieces of fabric to make each panel.  If we only find a few metres of a particular fabric, it will only account for a very small panel on a dress. If we get our hands on a whole roll of fabric it can be used for a larger part of a design. In some cases, we may use a different fabric for a section of a design.  It will always be similar to the fabric you see in the garment photo. A velvet section will always be velvet or a floral section floral. It just gives each piece a slightly different personality and allows us to make use of fabrics which would otherwise go to landfill. 

Are Baue products vegan?

We will never use animal skins, feathers or any type of leather to make Baue products. We do use silk and wool fabrics, but only in the form of reclaimed and repurposed fabrics. None of these fibres have been manufactured on our behalf.

Do you have a physical store or stockists?

Baue products are currently available online and at On Slowness pop-up on Columbia Road, London. The store is open every Sunday. If you’d like to hear about events or pop ups do join our mailing list

How will my order be packaged?

We strive to tread the fine line of giving you the joyous unboxing experience you deserve and packaging your order in a way which is sustainable. All orders will arrive in a kraft box which is recyclable, biodegradable. Our boxes are  made from post-consumer waste. 

Inside you’ll find your Baue garment  wrapped in recycled tissue paper and recycled card. We keep inserts and other branding materials to a minimum, so you’ll find a single card with all you need to know about your garment. We will NEVER use plastic or non biodegradable materials to package your order. That’s a promise. We welcome feedback on our packaging,  so do contact us  if there are any improvements you think we could make.

Do you offer a bespoke/ made to measure/ custom/ bridal service?

We are not  able to create a completely one-off piece for you but we can usually customise our existing designs. Seen something you love but not sure about the colour? Want to make that maxi a midi? Just get in touch and let us know what you are after and we will be happy to discuss 

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